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How To Draw A Butterfly

Hello there, today we are going to be learning how to draw a butterfly! I'm going to take you step by step through drawing your butterfly, then at the end I will give you some more ideas on what you can do with your butterfly.

1. Firstly, we will draw a stretched out oval. This will be our butterfly's body.

2. Then draw a circle on top of our first shape, which will make the butterfly's head.

3. Now we are going to start drawing the wings. Firstly, draw a big oval shape joining onto the butterfly's body.

4. Next, we are going to duplicate that shape on the other side of the butterfly's body.

5. Now we need to draw another shape a bit like an oval for the lower part of the butterfly's wing.

6. To complete the shape of the wings we are going to duplicate that shape on the other side of the butterfly's body.

7. Now we are going to draw to lines for the butterfly's antenna. I have drawn curvy lines here, but you could draw straight lines if you want. I finish the antenna with two circles on the end of the lines.

8. Next we will give our butterfly a face.

9. To complete your butterfly, you can draw in a few extra details like lines on its body and give it some cheeks.

Their is only one last thing to do now and that is to decorate the butterfly's wings! There are a million ways you could decorate your butterfly. I have drawn a few different ideas below to get you started, but go wild with your imagination and see what you can come up with.

This one is based on a real life butterfly.

I have used zig-zags for this butterfly's wings and it looks pretty good!

These wings were made with loads of different sized circles.

For this one I drew a lot of circles around the edges of the wings and joined them up. I also added some more lines of circles in the middle of the wings.

Great job on getting this far, I hope you have enjoyed drawing your butterfly. I have made a PDF worksheet for you to download, print off and keep if you would like. To find the worksheet click here to go to the resources page on my website. I hope you found this useful and had fun!

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