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How To Draw A Fox

One thing I loved as a kid was drawing. I remember I have a book which had loads of different animals in, everything from cats to lions. The book thought you how to draw these animals, taking you step by step and using simple shapes. I have wanted to make something similar for a while now and thought now would be a great time to start.

As foxes are probably the animal I draw the most, I thought my first tutorial would be how to draw a fox. It's worth using a pencil to draw your fox as we will be erasing some of our lines as we go. You can then finish your fox drawing with a nice outline when you have finished. Let's get started!

1. First you want to start by drawing an upright rectangle with rounded corners.

2. Next we will draw another rectangle inside the first. This will be the Fox's white belly

3. Things get a bit tricky here. We need to give the fox its nose, which includes getting rid of some of the lines from the first two steps.

4. Next we give our fox some legs. We do this by drawing two straight lines for each leg and joining them up with a zig-zag line for the paws.

5. Now are Fox needs some arms. To do this we will use the same method we used to draw its legs.

6. To give the fox its tail, we need to draw a diamond shape with the end missing and attach it to the body.

7. Next, we add two triangle shapes on either side of the Fox's head for ears.

8. It's about time we gave our Fox some eyes. To make the eyes we need to draw an oval with a curved line inside.

9. Finally, we will colour the foxes arms, ears, legs and tail stripe in black and add some fur marks to finish our fox.

Well done on finishing your fox. Remember when you are drawing your fox, if there is any thing you want to change or do differently, do it! These are only guide lines to help you draw your Fox. Go wild with your imagination.

Great job on getting this far. I have made a PDF worksheet for you to download, print off and keep if you would like. To find the worksheet click here to go to the resources page on my website. I hope you found this useful and had fun!

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