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How To Draw A Llama

Hello there, today we are going to be learning how to draw a llama! I'm going to take you through step by step through drawing your llama, then at the end I will give you some more ideas on what you can do with your llama.

1. Draw a rectangle with rounded off corners.

2. We need to give our llama a neck and start on it's head. To do this we need to draw a shape that it like a backwards "C" that joins into our first shape. It's a funny shape, but you will see why we need it in the next step. We will also need to erase a bit of our original shape. This gives us our main llama shape.

3. Now we add our llama face by adding a shape that almost mirrors that backwards "C" from the last step.

4. This time we add are starting on our llama's legs. In this step we need add four stumps, which will become the top of the legs.

5. Now we add four more rectangles on the bottom of the stumps we drew last step. These will be our legs.

6. Here we are adding a little tail to our llama.

7. Another quick step here. We are adding the ears with two oval shapes on our llama's head.

8. Next we will work on the llama's face, giving him eyes, a nose and maybe even a cheek.

9. Finally, we will give you llama a little mouth and some fur marks and we are done!

I you would like a challenge, why not personalise your llama and make it even more unique! I have put some ideas below on what else you could do with your llama.

Llamas are fluffy, right? so why not make your llama fluffy? All you would need to do would be to make the outline wavy like the llama above.

You could also give your llama a blanket for its back. These blankets look good when they are full of wild patterns.

Finally, what about giving him things like scarfs or a sombrero? Now our llama looks super fun! you could even experimenting giving hats and scarfs to other animals we have drawn, like the fox and bird.

Great job on getting this far, I hope you have enjoyed drawing your llama. I have made a PDF worksheet for you to download, print off and keep if you would like. To find the worksheet click here to go to the resources page on my website. I hope you found this useful and had fun!

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