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How To Draw An Owl

Hello there, today we are going to be learning how to draw owl! I'm going to take you step by step through drawing your owl with pictures and descriptions. Right then, let's get too it!

1. Firstly we draw a sausage shape. This will make up most of the owls body.

2. Next we add a little more on to the owls body which is his tail. Add some squiggly lines at the end for the feathers.

3. We are going to add add the first wing on to the top of the owl.

4. Time to add the second wing using the same shape as the last one.

5. Next we are going to start working on the owls head. We use a shape almost like a "m'.

6. Now we are going to add the owls feet. We use more sausage shapes fo

7. Next we make the feathers a little more distinct by extending the lines on the tips of the wings.

8. We can give the owl the illusion on feathers by using little marks. I often use these marks to give a little texture to my drawing and make it more interesting. I also use this method when drawing foxes, which you can see here. Also I have coloured in the owls head to make it a little more interesting.

9. Finally, we add eyes and a beak to our owl. Thats it, we are done!

Great job on getting this far, I hope you have enjoyed drawing your owl. I have made a PDF worksheet for you to download, print off and keep if you would like. To find the worksheet click here to go to the resources page on my website. I hope you found this useful and had fun!

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