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Here is my blog which contains various tutorials on how to draw animals. Each tutorial will take you through simple steps to end up with your finished animal drawing. You can also find a collection of downloadable PDF worksheets for these tutorials here.


If you have any requests of animals you would like me to create a how to draw tutorial for, you can leave me a message here!

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Hello there, today we are no only going to be drawing a lion, but a lion who is also a super hero! I'm going to take you step by step through drawing your Super Lion with pictures and descriptions. Right then, let's get too it!

1. Firstly we need to draw the shapes that will make the lion's head. First draw a rectangle and then a second rectangle for the lion's maine. This rectangle will have squiggly lines instead of straight one so it looks like hair.

2. Next we add a square shape underneath the first shape. This will be the lions body.

3. Now we are going to add legs. To do this we extend the lines from the squares down, these make up the outside of the leg. We then use little zig-zags for the claws, and join the two legs together with a semi-circle.

4. Now we add the arms. We use a similar shape to the legs but bent at a 90 degree angle. We use a zig-zag shape again for the claws.

5. Next we are going to add Super Lions tail and cape. We use squiggly lines for the cape to make it look like it is blowing in the wind.

6. Now we start adding detail. I have given Super Lion a belt and a star on his chest here, but feel free to make your own design up for your Super Lion.

7. Next we start to finish the face. We add two ears, two eyes and the nose.

8. Next we add more detail to the face.

9. Finally add can add some texture and detail to Super Lion. I have used very simple lines and marks to give the illusion of fur on the lion and movement on the cape.

Here is an idea of how you could colour your Super Lion, but you could colour it in any way you like.

Great job on getting this far, I hope you have enjoyed drawing your Super Lion. I have made a PDF worksheet for you to download, print off and keep if you would like. To find the worksheet click here to go to the resources page on my website. I hope you found this useful and had fun!

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